During Sunday’s
football finale, a 3D trailer for a major animated 3D motion picture will be
shown. Over 125 million pairs of 3D glasses are being distributed through
grocery, drug, and discount stores in anticipation. Not to be outdone, the
adult industry is releasing the largest, most innovative 3D adult film ever
developed. That’s right, the format that has previously brought us maneaters,
aliens, and predatory creatures from the sea is now being used for the finest
in adult entertainment.

Viewers will be able to use the same type of blue/amber 3D glasses to
view excerpts of hot adult action from the upcoming “Tommy Gunn’s Cummin’ At
You!” online at www.CumminatYou.com.

This film utilizes the latest in stereoscopic technology making it
possible to photograph first-person point-of-view in 3D. Recent developments
in consumer electronics will allow the next generation of TVs to have
three-dimensional technology built into them so that the viewer does not have
to ruin their personal style by wearing unattractive cardboard glasses. The
DVD will be encoded to work with these high-end 3D home theatre systems, but
it will also work with a standard TV, projection, LCD or Plasma screens with
the included 3D glasses.