Kovasys IT Recruitment, headquartered in Montreal with offices in Toronto, is pleased to introduce their new social media networking site, MontrealTech.net / TorontoTech.net, for IT professionals living in either Toronto or Montreal. This social networking site is designed specifically to meet the needs of the local technology community, providing members with the opportunity to share articles, solve problems and catch up on the latest technology news. The site is also a great way for IT professionals to learn about new job opportunities through social networking. "As a general rule, good professionals in the information technology field only look for a job a few times over the course of their career – all other times they get their jobs through friends or headhunters. Learning about potential job opportunities through social networking can help IT professionals make the most of their career decisions," Alex Kovalenko said in a phone interview from Kovasys IT Recruitment headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.

The Montreal Toronto Technology Networking Site for IT Professionals has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the local technology community. Like-minded professionals can contribute to the site, posting questions, sharing answers, and providing information about upcoming technology events. It's easy to use the calendar to keep up on scheduled IT events, or even to post an event. The discussion forum is a great way to share experiences with other IT professionals, while learning from the experiences of others at the same time. Participating in the blogs is also a great way to network and interact with other IT professionals while learning more about topics which are relevant to information technology. MontrealTech.net / TorontoTech.net sites are also the place to be for those who are looking for tech jobs in Toronto or Montreal as it will be catered to the local tech communities.