Securing telecommunications networks is becoming increasingly difficult. Outsourcing, migrating critical business functions to the cloud, and the increasing role mobile devices play for businesses open new vulnerabilities that can be exploited. As more new technologies enter the scene, the risks to the communications service providers’ network integrity significantly increase. The Technology Research Institute cites metrics, for example, that show as many as 25 percent of Internet connected PCs carry bot infections that can attack protected network assets.

The leading communications information technology publication, Pipeline ( is hosting an exciting webinar, the latest in its KnowledgeCast series, entitled Network Security: A Foundation for Network Integrity, on Wednesday, March 9 at 10:00 am EST. Free registration is now open for a limited time. Those interested in attending must register at:

During this live, interactive presentation, Blake Lindsay, network security advisor for Bell Canada and Anton Kaska, head of the network security business line for Nokia Siemens Networks join Nakina Systems CEO Jay Borden, and James Heath, senior analyst with the Technology Research Institute, to discuss and debate challenges networks face; best practices for enforcing network security; and real examples of how they’ve tackled security threats and risks head-on