Netflix loses millions of clients because of this website

    A mass exodus is leaving Netflix this month according to some reports. Cable providers and online streaming websites are worried that their business model will not last after a new website causes a mass exodus of users around the world., which is very similar to Netflix, can do all that the TV provider could do, but also offers extra services that makes it very attractive to new users.

    With a huge selection of HD videos of TV shows and full films accessible on all kinds of devices, it is no wonder that Netflix sees up to 100 000 users leave the company in one day. In fact, millions of users seem to be leaving the streaming giant in favor of According to the people behind, the reason many users are leaving Netflix for them is that they offer a better service that is more efficient and more useful. "Since our company decided to offer their premium service for a free trial, it looks like the gamble has paid off and that millions of Netflix users are canceling their account to go and use the our website instead. So could this mean the end for Netflix?"