After only six months in the Data Deposit Box
reseller program, Nerds On Site’s subscriptions for online backup solutions
have gone through the roof, and their customers are thrilled with the added
value. Since their program with Data Deposit Box started, subscriptions are
consistently increasing by 10 per cent each month. Under the agreement, Nerds
On Site re-sells the Data Deposit Box online backup solution under its own
label. Data Deposit Box now safely houses over two terabytes of Nerds On Site
client information.

With a resource base of over 400 eNerd contractors worldwide, many new
Nerds On Site clients are able to make use of Data Deposit Box’s online data
storage solution and can rest assured that their information is safe and
secure. Nerds On Site customers are signing up from all over the world
including, North America, Australia, South Africa and England.

“The relationship between Nerds On Site and Data Deposit Box works
extremely well,” said James Keenleyside-Richter, Data Centre Manager, Nerds On
Site. “Data Deposit Box’s solution is fantastic for our clients because it is
easy to use, cost-effective, and hassle-free. They offer excellent support and
customer service – our team members and clients love it!”

One of the most important benefits that Data Deposit Box’s product offers
is the ease with which data is restored to a computer after a crash. Nerds On
Site team members are frequently called in a crisis situation and are quickly
and easily able to walk customers through the simple data restoration process.
They usually have them up and running within an hour.

Nerds On Site also supports Data Deposit Box with information from the
field, offering suggestions for improvements and upgrades to the solution.
Data Deposit Box is always open to suggestions on how to improve the product
and frequently incorporates this feedback into the next product version. Data
Deposit Box training is frequently incorporated into Nerd’s worldwide “ReBoot
Camp” conferences.