Now a new web site is focusing on assisting those who want to make the most of their free time. Aptly named “Leisure Linkup,” it connects men and women in search of travel companions, activity partners, or just looking to expand their social circle.

Leisure Linkup started as an informal network where individuals could find others to do things with or to travel with. It has evolved into a site where the issue of compatibility between individuals is addressed, along with where they want to go and what they want to do. Leisure Linkup connects people who not only share common interests but are “like-minded.” Learn more at

The founder of Leisure Linkup, Debra Asberry, believes that today’s hectic lifestyle leaves very little time to “waste” trying to find the right person who shares your interests.

“Leisure Linkup uses key pieces of information about yourself and your preferences to make a good leisure match,” says Asberry. “The end result is a group of individuals who are not only compatible with you, but are also interested in the same leisure pursuits.”

Another feature of Leisure Linkup lists matches in order of ‘distance from you,’ giving you the choice to connect with someone locally or around the world.

Helen of Oakton, Virginia used Leisure Linkup to make a new friendship. “I’m not much of a drinker and don’t smoke so I have no interest in associating with people with those habits,” says Helen. “One of the women on my pre-screened list was Linda in Springfield, Virginia, about 30 miles from me. We emailed through the system and then decided to meet and spend the day together in Washington, DC. We had a wonderful time and plan to get together often.”

Leisure Linkup is unique in that it encompasses all leisure pursuits. Whether it’s a travel companion, someone who shares your interest in a hobby or sport, or just someone who likes to go to the movies, Leisure Linkup can give you more choices and more chances to make the most of your free time.