Building off the success of the award-winning MultiSync GX LCD monitor line, NEC Display Solutions of America, the leading stand-alone provider of flat panel desktop displays, unveiled today the new MultiSync GX(2) line of consumer monitors at the DigitalLife Expo in New York City. A powerful follow up to the critically-acclaimed GX monitors, the new displays promise to raise the entertainment standard for the computing experience.

With NEC’s patented OptiClear DVM screens, the NEC MultiSync 70GX(2), the 90GX(2) and the multi-function 20WMGX(2) displays produce images with sharp color and vivid clarity. And, with Rapid Response times of just 4 milliseconds (6 milliseconds for the 20WMGX(2)), these monitors deliver video and gaming images with smooth, crystal-clear quality.

While the new 17-inch NEC MultiSync 70GX(2) and 19-inch 90GX(2) enhance the front-of-screen experience, the 20WMGX(2) redefines it. With a contrast ratio of 1600:1 and an integrated TV tuner in a wide-aspect format, the 20WMGX(2) is primed to become the premier vehicle to enjoy wide-format entertainment.

“In the GX(2) series, we’ve basically made a great monitor line even better,” said Scott Hoaglund, product manager for NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. “The GX line has been a hit with gamers and home entertainment enthusiasts from the minute we introduced it earlier this year. With the real-time adaptive image-enhancement and high fidelity motion video performance features, we feel the GX(2) will truly satisfy the discriminating demands of this market. In gamer-speak, they’re fragtastic.”

The NEC MultiSync GX(2) Series displays also feature a popular integrated four-port USB 2.0 powered hub that allow users to easily connect to video cameras, high speed gaming peripherals, storage devices, digital cameras, PDAs, keyboards, mice and more. Controls for the GX(2) Series monitors are designed to be easy-to-read and use. The On-Screen Manager (OSM) design provides clear and easy to understand menus, while the joystick-like NaViKey OSM control allows for intuitive navigation and effortless set up and image optimization.

The GX(2) line of monitors come with all of the outstanding features of its relatives, including DVM (Dynamic Video Mode) for the 70GX(2) and 90GX(2) and A-DVM (Advanced Dynamic Video Mode) for the 20WMGX(2) as well as a stylish, thin-frame design with tilt and swivel. Because the 20WMGX(2) display boasts multimedia performance, it has a host of additional features such as coax, S-Video, composite and component video inputs, a remote, Picture-in-Picture display, and a speaker bar with dual 5-watt speakers.

The new NEC CX LCD Series products are RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) compliant, containing fully-disposable plastics and free of hazardous materials such as lead, hex-chrome, cadmium, mercury, PBDE and PBB.

All products will be available in December.