NASBA Introduces a New Opportunity for NASBA Members to Expand Your Service Offerings and Generate Revenues from IT Asset Recovery.

*Offer Customers an environmentally safe way to dispose of their IT Assets.

*Ensure that customer’s data is properly handled and erased by a secure method including the operating system.

*Partner with a trusted company to properly handle customer’s data.

*Maximize and share in the residual value recovered from customer’s IT Assets.

*Offer trade in values when quoting new system sales.

*Compete with the Tier 1 OEM’s proposals without conceding margin.

*Expand services to include environmentally safe destruction of old technology (Computers, Monitors, Notebooks, Servers, Networking).

What is Asset Recovery

IT Asset Recovery provides a means to safely dispose of IT equipment, securely erase sensitive data and maximize residual value recovery. In many instances, PC’s that meet minimum specifications are resold into third world countries where they are utilized by developing educational programs. When part values exceed system value, PC’s are parted out for their internal components with remaining materials being recycled in an environmentally conscious manner.
NASBA offers an IT Asset Recovery program that provides its members with the opportunity to help their customers safely and securely dispose of IT Assets and earn 60% of the residual value recovery.