n-Tier Financial Services, a leading provider of information management software today announced the release of AccessPoint for iPad, a unique iPad app which enables people to easily and securely access all of their business or personal files directly on their iPad while either online or offline.

Using AccessPoint for iPad people can now enjoy the flexibility of having their files available when and where they need them and can access all of their different content directly on their iPad with or without a network connection.

“With the successful release of AccessPoint for iPad we have achieved a significant expansion in the capabilities of our AccessPoint offering. And, we have furthered our goal of providing clients with the ability to easily access all of their different content from any platform and any location,” said Peter Gargone, n-Tier’s founder and CEO. “AccessPoint for iPad provides our customers with seamless access to all of their content directly on their iPad and provides them with an easy to use interface for organizing, classifying, and accessing that content. The app leverages our AccessPoint Portal secure cloud environment, can be used to store and access any type of files, and requires zero investment in technology or infrastructure from clients.”

The app can be downloaded from the App Store using the link AccessPoint for iPad.