My Safe Corp. announced a security application calledmysafeFriend on Facebook Platform. The application gives Facebook users an additional way to validate the identity of potential friends on Facebook.

As Facebook grows (they now have more than 500 million users), some users may have concerns over who sends them friend requests

·         The nice person in the profile who seems to have so much in common, including a lot of mutual friends, or

·         An impostor hiding behind a false profile

mysafeFriend was developed to help Facebook users decide who to “friend” by allowing your existing “friends” to validate that you are whom you say you are. The more such validations you collect, the more likely it will be that new prospective friends will have confidence they can safely “Friend” you.

"The application gives social media users the opportunity to create a secure digital identity that will be validated and recognizable by your friends online. mysafeFriend comes at a time when parents are concerned about the safety of their teens,” said Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer ofMy Safe Corp.

mysafeFriend secures the virtual identity of Facebook users through an easy to understand 5 level system designed to allow the user’s friends to validate their identification. To achieve the first level, five friends must validate a user’s identity by verifying basic information, such as name, email, gender and photo.


The higher the level of validation, the higher number of friends must verify the user’s information. The first levels of validations are free of charge, and as the levels increase, more information must be validated. Personal information will only be viewed by the user’s Facebook “friends” using mysafeFriend. Confidential data as the social security number won’t be shared with the members.