The games website has announced a further expansion to its mobile games section for June with more than 60 new titles added to the archives. The addition of dozens of fascinating new mobile games comes just one month after the gaming portal revealed that it would be developing its portfolio of games playable on mobile devices through the summer.

The 60 new mobile games cross a wide range of genres and operating systems with several Android online games added in addition to other titles playing a range of mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. As ever, there are also plenty of fresh challenges for traditional gamers and those who prefer to download PC games to play at leisure.

Marking a exclusive is the mobile game, Out Of Saddle. With a choice of Knockout and Tournament settings, players are challenged to not be the last in every round and to be the first placed in the final. With a classic arcade style, it can be played on Android, iPad and iPhone devices as well as online directly on the site.

Sweet Slice is also an arcade style mobile game exclusive to this June. Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and playable online, Sweet Slice calls on players to use their finger to slice tasty cakes and flaky pastries as quick as they can.

Also new to the gaming site this month is Jigsaw Tour – London, a PC downloadable game in the ever popular Puzzle genre. With over 100 unique photographic of the iconic British capital city and its landmarks including a red London double decker bus, London bridge and Big Ben, players must use all of their skills to join 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and even 100,000,000 pieces to bring home the trophies.

The downloadable Farm Craft 2 rounds out the sizzling series of titles making their MyRealGames debut this month. A PC downloadable time management challenge, Farm Craft 2 is the second installment in the popular Farm Craft series. Set to arcade style mini games, players are called into action to help Ginger, when she stumbles upon people making suspicious fruit and vegetables, sparking international intrigue and a global crisis. With 25 different rewards to collect, players can help Ginger to avert an international crisis.

Nikolai Veselov, spokesman said, "June looks set to be a fun filled month for gamers with lots of new titles to discover and enjoy. We're particularly pleased with the quantity and quality of new mobile games we have introduced to the site this month and look forward to expanding this genre further later in the year".