– The latest app to make its way on to the Apple App Store is SongSpeaker, a product of TenTal Software ltd. It is a unique app which lets listeners know which song is going to be played or is playing and by which artist.

This app is for those who have a huge music library stored inside their smartphones. People often forget which songs they have out of the hundreds or thousands of titles they have in their music collection. To check which song will be played and by which artist it is sung by, one would have to stop their work or exercise and operate their smartphone. This is where SongSpeaker comes handy.

SongSpeaker uses advanced text to speech technology to provide iPhone users with the artist and song's names, out loud.

Ary Tebeka, co-founder of TenTal Software ltd. says, "I created this app because I have a huge music library with thousands of songs, and I would often hear a great song while training, wondering who the artist was and what was the song name."

Whenever the 'Run in Background' mode is on, this app will continue working while allowing users to employ other apps such as training or exercise apps. The app will automatically stop after a few minutes or so of inactivity, that is when no music is playing, to avoid draining the battery.

SongSpeaker comes equipped with advanced settings and features. It gives users the option to make the virtual DJ speak at the beginning of the song, when you pause the track, or at both times. There is also the option to make SongSpeaker pause the song while speaking. One can even make it try to auto-detect the native language for every song, for example an Italian title will be spoken by an Italian speaker.

The SongSpeaker app has been produced by TenTal Software ltd. and created by Ary Tebeka, co-founder of TenTal Software. It has a size of 8.1MB and was released on August 16, 2013. The app needs iOS 6.0 or later to operate.