Motorola, Inc. revolutionised hands-free driving with the launch of the MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone and Digital FM Transmitter, its first road-ready, music-oriented ROKR accessory and the latest addition to its portfolio of in-car solutions. The MOTOROKR T505 enables consumers to connect a compatible Bluetooth enabled phone(1) to the car sound system and enjoy hands-free calling and their own personal music collection in outstanding stereo sound.

The T505 is extremely portable and requires no wires or installation. Drivers simply clip the device to a car’s visor and pair the T505 using Motorola’s EasyPair technology to a compatible Bluetooth device. When the T505 is connected to a stereo Bluetooth phone, such as a MOTORAZR(2) or MOTOROKR Z6, or an MP3 player, calls and music are streamed wirelessly with the perfectly-tuned clarity and wide-ranging volume of a car stereo. Drivers with standard Bluetooth phones can use the T505 to make and take their calls over the car stereo. And when the ride’s over, the T505 can be easily unhooked and taken to another car for the next trip.

“Today’s drivers demand convenience and connectivity without missing a beat of what’s important to them — their calls and their music,” said Jason Few, corporate vice president, Motorola, Inc. “We’re excited to introduce a portable, music-optimised ROKR to the car to enhance the mobile experience while consumers are on the road.”

The T505 also features StationFinder, a breakthrough technology that announces where the best FM connection can be found on the user’s car radio. When calls come in, the T505 automatically mutes the music and audibly announces the Caller-ID(2), so drivers can keep their eyes on the road. Cutting-edge echo and noise reduction technology and a built-in microphone and 2-watt speaker also ensure that drivers have outstanding sound throughout their ride.

Motorola, a global leader in the Bluetooth accessories market, offers a selection of portable and fixed automotive-focused Bluetooth solutions for drivers including speakerphones, headsets and other accessories.


The ROKR T505 is expected to become available in Q1 2008. For more information, please visit