March Networks a leading provider of IP-based video surveillance solutions, announced that more than 170 new commuter trains being built by Bombardier Transportation for the Transilien Greater Paris / Ile-de-France suburban network will be outfitted with the BOMBARDIER(x) SEKURFLO(x) transit security solution. The video surveillance component of the SEKURFLO solution is jointly designed and developed by Bombardier Transportation and March Networks.

French National Railways (SNCF) currently has firm orders with Bombardier for 172 of the new commuter trains representing more than 1,300 rail cars. If all remaining options on the contract between SNCF and Bombardier are exercised, the total number of trains to be delivered to SNCF would reach 372. The high-capacity trains will be designed, manufactured and built at Bombardier production facilities in Crespin, France. Train deliveries are scheduled to begin in November 2009 and continue until 2015.

The Transilien Greater Paris/Ile de France network currently serves 4 million passengers in metropolitan Paris each year. Ridership is increasing by approximately 5 percent annually on all lines.

The SEKURFLO solution will enable SNCF personnel to enhance driver and passenger safety and deter theft and vandalism. It will also alert staff to potential emergencies and provide visual information to accelerate response. The solution combines video management platforms with onboard systems integration to ensure effective operation and lower cost of ownership.

“This latest contract confirms the success of our collaboration with Bombardier, as leading passenger rail operators continue to deploy the SEKURFLO solution to ensure the safety of millions of riders in high-profile city centers around the world,” said Peter Strom, President and CEO, March Networks. “The SEKURFLO solution delivers sophisticated mobile security management that enables transportation providers to proactively address risk and operate more efficiently.”