Spectators to Montreal Canadiens’ hockey games
at the Bell Centre will spend less time in line-ups and more time cheering on
their favorite team once the entertainment complex goes wireless with a secure
wireless network from Norte Quick admittance, faster
transactions processing at concession stands and more flexible payment options
are only some of the ways the Bell Centre will take customer service to the
next level.

The Bell Centre, which seats up to 21,273 spectators, will be equipped
with a secure and reliable, wireless high-speed network to deliver
next-generation multimedia applications, including VoIP, secure wireless
access anywhere within the facility and remote access for staff when off-site.

Powered by Nortel LAN and WLAN solutions, the Bell Centre’s food and
beverage services will be able to securely accept all forms of electronic
payment using Wi-Fi point-of-sale card readers, which translates to faster
service to fans and an increased number of transactions and revenue
opportunities. Wireless handheld scanners, currently operating on the existing
network, will be migrated to the new Nortel WLAN to more quickly scan and
validate tickets at entry points, reducing crowd bottlenecks and ensuring
faster, more efficient access to the facility.

Benefits of the wireless network will extend to the Press Gallery, which
can accommodate up to 300 media personnel. Media and photographers can use the
new wireless service to securely and instantaneously exchange, upload and
update files, resulting in more up-to-the-minute event coverage.
In addition, the Wi-Fi service will enable the introduction of Nortel
WLAN Handset 2211s to provide stadium staff with seamless mobile
communications from any location within the building. Away from the Bell
Centre, Nortel’s unified communication will give coaches, players and scouts
remote access to network applications such as player stats and multimedia, and
the ability to connect with and support one another.

“The Bell Centre is the most important sports and entertainment venue in
the province of Quebec, and Nortel is honored to provide a wireless solution
that enables the Bell Centre to deliver champion service to its guests,” said
Steve Slattery, president, Enterprise Solutions, Nortel. “In teaming with the
Montreal Canadiens, Nortel is able to provide a customized service that will
achieve greater efficiencies for staff and player personnel and provide a new
dimension to the spectator experience.”

Alongside the Bell Centre’s existing Nortel IP telephony communication
system, a Nortel data infrastructure will be deployed to handle the
applications desired by the Montreal Canadiens, giving staff and media
seamless connectivity from one side of the stadium to the other. The Nortel
WLAN 2300 grants the flexibility to access online resources from anywhere in
the building, with comprehensive security features to appropriately
authenticate and authorize different types of users and protect against
intrusion. In the network core, the Montreal Canadiens have deployed Nortel
Ethernet switching solutions designed to ensure constant network availability.
End-to-end security and remote access to the new network is ensured by
Nortel’s VPN Gateway.