Entertainers for years have used Social media platforms to aggregate their local and international fan bases in one convenient location but there was no direct way to monetize the fans other than telling the locals where the next event will be, forget about the international fans. However, a startup called Momensity10 believes that there’s a better way for comedians, bands, DJs, Indie Film makers and others to generate value beyond a ‘like’ from their individual fans – by scheduling LIVE streaming pay-per-view selfies.

With Momensity10, the entertainer now only has to focus on engaging their social media followers, wherever they are, to increase attendance to their next scheduled selfie-experience – this is a paradigm shift for leveraging social media for more than simple likes and follows. For Momensity10 entertainers every new follower on Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Reverb Nation is a new opportunity to increase ticket sales to the next selfie-experience.

The company’s mobile app was quietly launched on July 8, but they hadn’t made a formal announcement. The enterprise has been financed to the tune of $500,000+ by its founder and CEO Jermon Green.

Green, a data scientist and software engineer once owned a Virginia-based Talent Agency – where he first fell in love with artists. Green decided then to remove the gatekeepers and devise a means for artists to gain exposure, grow fans and find financial support. Green had to plan out his technology and the methodologies for its use over time – timing the confluence of Social Media and Live Streaming to where the moment was ripe for the release of Momensity10.

Today, Momensity10 partners with Entertainment Buyers, Talent Agencies, and Record Labels as software as a service (SaaS) to fill the company’s schedule for its inaugural 2017 Experience Season.

Momensity10 creates opportunities for additional exposure and fan base growth for social media entertainers appearing on network shows also available on Momensity10.tv network and opportunities to find financial support from some of those fans when they create exclusive Selfie-Experiences.

Momensity10 is an entire ecosystem for the artist and entertainer to gain exposure, find support and create a stable and recurring revenue streams for themselves doing what they love.