Mobility Electronics, Inc. , a leading provider of innovative portable power and computing solutions for the mobile electronic device user, announced today that it is now shipping the next generation of its 72-watt AC/DC combination power adapter to Lenovo for sale with its ThinkPad notebooks. The new 72-watt Slim power adapter is more compact and lighter than the previous model supplied to Lenovo by Mobility, while supplying all of the power necessary to keep these portable notebooks operating at peak efficiency. The new adapter is approximately 38% smaller and is 16% lighter than its predecessor.

Offering both AC and DC power capabilities, the adapter eliminates the need to purchase and carry separate AC and DC adapters and lets users power and recharge from multiple power sources, including standard wall, in-vehicle and airplane in-seat power outlets (where supported).

“IBM has been one of our most important OEM customers for years, and now we are very pleased to initiate this new power adapter program with Lenovo,” said Charles Mollo, CEO of Mobility Electronics. “We are committed to innovation and providing our partners with the most advanced power technology available, and we believe that the new 72W Slim Combination AC/DC Adapter will enable a significant enhancement to previous power adapter options.”