Starting this fall, Ontarians will be getting a visit from the OES's new mobile electronics recycling centre, which kicks off its 14 city tour of the province with its first stop in North Bay on Sept. 11. Designed to help Ontarians learn more about safe, secure electronics recycling, the mobile centre combines fun, educational activities for all ages with a convenient drop-off point for residents and businesses to safely recycle old, used and unwanted electronics.

The event is part of the broader OES electronic waste recycling program – an ambitious initiative designed to make it easier for Ontarians to safely recycle electronic waste and keep hazardous materials out of landfill.

Among the activities featured at the centre is the "Old-E Challenge", which dares Ontarians to bring in the oldest of the old electronics in their homes or offices for the chance to win prizes and have their photo featured at the centre. Kids of all ages can also try their hand at the exhibit's "E-Pitch" game for the opportunity to win prizes by hitting a bulls-eye.

"Our goal is to keep hazardous electronic waste out of landfill to achieve a healthier, greener environment," said Carol Hochu, OES Executive Director. "We're excited to drive into communities across the province to provide a convenient, safe electronic waste collection point, and to help Ontarians learn about the benefits of safely recycling e-waste and the consequences of not doing so."

"Ontarians have a vital role to play for a sustainable future, and the OES mobile electronics recycling centre allows them to learn more and contribute in a tangible way," explained Hochu. "Research shows that 4 in 5 Ontario households have at least one old electronic item that they want to get rid of. Our mobile recycling centre provides a responsible, easy and fun way to do it."