Mitel, the
trusted IP communications provider, has teamed up with Epic Technologies LLP,
a Tennessee-based channel partner, to help a diagnostic imaging center upgrade
the care it offers its patients. Premier Diagnostic Imaging, the only full-
service outpatient medical imaging center between Nashville and Knoxville, has
selected the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP), Mitel Customer
Interaction Solutions, Mitel Teleworker Solution, Mitel Your Assistanta
Softphone and Mitel IP phones to vault Premier onto the first wave of IP

“Leading-edge technology has been a cornerstone of our success and sets
us apart from other centers,” said Bob Gunter, Premier’s executive director.
“With the Mitel solution we can offer a smoother, faster experience for the
patient, as well as better tools for physicians and staff to do their jobs
faster and more efficiently.”

After considering a hybrid system, Premier chose a combined solution of
Mitel IP products and applications and a network by ProCurve Networking by HP.
The center selected the solution because it delivers greater cost efficiencies
with a single, powerful, centrally-managed IP communications solution that
consolidates voice, data and video traffic across LAN/WANs and allows for
shared resources and improved ease of communications.

“In Premier’s fast-paced business, having the most advanced
communications technology gives them a competitive edge by increasing customer
service and reducing costs,” said Mitel USA president Kevin Bowyer. “With the
Mitel and ProCurve solution, Premier is also setting the foundation for the
future by allowing them to expand and grow as its business needs change.”

Premier can also leverage the power of the 3300 ICP by deploying advanced
IP applications now and in the future, including:

The Teleworker Solution is a low-cost “plug and work” solution that
provides Premier’s mobile employees transparent access to corporate voice and
data services with high levels of security. Premier can now benefit from
reduced overhead and increased employee retention while users can be more
flexible and productive in how they work.

Your Assistant Softphone is a feature-rich conferencing and collaboration
application that allows for real-time audio and video communication. It offers
simplified call management, data and telephony presence and availability,
knowledge management and caller line ID-based routing.

The Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions have enabled Premier to
reorganize tasks and responsibilities resulting in improved customer service.
Using Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) calls can now be routed directly to
operators most capable of dealing with patients’ issues, enhancing call
processing capabilities and increasing physician and patient satisfaction.
Already, the average time a caller spends on the line has been reduced by
half. In addition, Premier has lowered the number of employees dedicated to
answering the phones from eight to six, freeing up their time to work on other

Additionally, Premier is now equipped for even more advanced capabilities
provided by the Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand (GigE Stand). The GigE Stand
converts any standard Mitel IP phone into a GigE compatible IP phone. This
allows computers connected via the phones to access GigE services over the
network like MRI, x-ray transfer between buildings or even cities enabling
faster diagnosis and consultation among doctors.