Microsoft Corp. today announced that Technology Marketing Corp.’s TMC Labs division named Microsoft(R) Speech Server 2004 R2 as a 2005 Innovation Award winner from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

“We’re pleased that Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2 has been recognized as an innovative product by TMC Labs,” said Clint Patterson, director of marketing for Microsoft Speech Server at Microsoft. “Today and in the future, Microsoft will continue to provide companies with cost-effective and technologically advanced options for deploying speech and interactive voice response solutions. By creating a flexible, integrated solution that can be maintained with a tool set familiar to millions of developers worldwide, Microsoft Speech Server adapts easily to meet the changing needs of providing high-quality customer care.”

“Microsoft has clearly demonstrated to the staff of TMC Labs that Microsoft Speech Server is truly innovative in the contact center industry,” said Nadji Tehrani, founder and chairman of TMC, publisher of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. “With the great advances in technology for CRM and call and contact centers, there’s never been a greater need for this award.”

“The TMC Labs Innovation Awards are based solely upon the uniqueness of the company’s offering or how pioneering the particular product or service is,” said Tom Keating, chief technology officer and editorial director for TMC Labs. “It is based on the concept that Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2 is innovative.”

Keating continued, “Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2 deserves this great honor for creating a groundbreaking contact center product. I look forward to seeing other innovative solutions from Microsoft as it continues to contribute to the future of the contact center marketplace.”

Microsoft Speech Server is featured as a recipient of the TMC Labs 2005 Innovation Award in the latest issue of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.