The 2005 Microsoft
Partner Program Awards recognizes Microsoft Partners that have
developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions over the
past year. With nearly 2,000 entries submitted from around the globe,
Microsoft announced DigiPoS Systems “Retail Blade” as their choice for
their 2005 Global Technology Innovation Award, Global Partner of the
Year. The awards ceremony took place on July 9, 2005, at the
Minneapolis Convention Center during their annual Worldwide Partner

“The past year has been unparalleled in terms of the level of
innovative solutions Microsoft Partners have developed and delivered
to our mutual customers,” said Allison Watson, vice president of the
Worldwide Partner Sales and Marketing Group at Microsoft. “Those at
DigiPoS Systems have set themselves apart from an extremely
competitive field, and we applaud them for this well-deserved victory.
Their achievement is exemplary of the kind of vision that will help
take us beyond the solutions of today to realize the full potential of
technology in business.”

“Retail Blade technology epitomizes the spirit of this innovation
award by delivering a change in POS. It is our goal to address genuine
customer needs, which is the same approach of the development of
Microsoft’s WePOS and RMS products, which were developed to reduce the
number of things that keep retailers up at night, ” says Graham
Worsfold, founder of DigiPoS Systems Group.

DigiPoS Systems Retail Blade is the first and only stand-alone “point
of service” (POS) system with the benefits of Blade technology. This
enables retailers using the Retail Blade to upgrade or repair their
systems by sliding out the tray (blade) that is currently in the
system, and sliding in a replacement or upgraded blade in literally
minutes. This functionality is made available without the need for a
technician, change of software, or having to disconnect all the cables
and send it back to the manufacturer.

Today’s most common POS installations require retailers to rip and
replace all of their existing systems in order to bring in the power
needed to take advantage of popular POS applications (including
customer relationship management applications, loyalty programs, stock
control, merchandising, and much more). The DigiPoS Retail Blade is
designed to enable retailers to upgrade components, software and
applications without a full-scale replacement. Simply replace only the
incremental components to bring it to the desired level of
performance. The cost is only a fraction of a full replacement,
ultimately meaning Retailers can have the same POS installed for ten
years or more and not suffer when technology moves forward. This puts
the control back into the hands of Retailers, who are able to leverage
a ten-year warranty on the Retail Blade Host.

“The total cost of ownership rises significantly when an upgrade
requires hardware to be replaced and all the peripherals have to be
taken off and re-connected and application software has to be
reinstalled. DigiPoS Systems’ Retail Blade should give retailers a 30
percent savings on their cost of ownership, since the longer they can
keep their core investment working for them, the better their return
on investment,” says Rob Marano, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

DigiPoS provides cost-saving service enhancing POS solutions to
Retailers around the globe such as Claire’s, Laura, NEXT, Harvey
Nichols, Majestic Wine, ESCADA, Swarovski, Merkur Chocolates, and many
others. For more information, contact Shayna Miller-Pratt at 866-847-
2767 or visit the comapany’s website at