MicroPlanet Receives Orders for New Generation of Smart Grid Technology from Commercial Businesses

    MicroPlanet, a smart
    grid, energy conservation company, announced today the launch and subsequent
    orders for its new generation of smart grid technology for the commercial
    business market. MicroPlanet’s new generation of 3-Phase voltage management
    systems reduce energy consumption and improve power quality.

    They will range
    in size from 225 amps to 2000 amps and are designed to suit the energy saving
    requirements for both small and large commercial electricity users. The
    systems will be available in both 120/208V and 277/480V versions for North
    America, as well as configurations designed for Europe, Australia and Asia.
    Prices will range from $12,000 to over $200,000 US.

    MicroPlanet has already received initial orders for these new products
    from Whole Foods Market, Eat N Park restaurants, Flying J travel plazas and
    Maui Land and Pine’s Kapalua resort.

    This advanced smart grid technology improves power quality at the point
    of consumption by dynamically raising or lowering voltage to an optimal set
    point in addition to balancing voltage phases. Stable, balanced voltage
    maintained at optimal set points, saves energy and lowers maintenance costs.

    Whole Foods Market conducted a pilot program over a 12 month period to
    test the effectiveness of MicroPlanet’s technology at their Symphony store in
    Boston, MA. The results of the pilot indicated that the MicroPlanet system
    reduced kWh consumption on average by 8.86% and will have a payback period of
    less than 3 years. MicroPlanet also completed 14 other pilot studies showing
    savings between 4.0% and 12.9% in kilowatt consumption, which further
    established the functionality and effectiveness of its products.

    During the past 9 months, MicroPlanet has reduced the manufacturing cost
    and enhanced the design and reliability of its 3-Phase commercial systems to
    efficiently manage energy for convenience stores and fast food restaurants as
    well as the big box and grocery stores. “This advanced design will
    substantially reduce the amount of electricity consumed, lowering energy bills
    and making each commercial location greener,” said Bruce Lisanti, CEO of
    MicroPlanet. “With our new products we can efficiently and cost effectively
    manage voltage for a broad range of commercial clients.”


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