COSTA MESA, Calif. – April 3, 2006 – In its ongoing effort to provide customers with unsurpassed power protection solutions, MGE UPS SYSTEMS ( today announced its new Network Management Proxy (NMP) plug-and-play software agent that allows any of its Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) to be interfaced with an Ethernet Network at no extra cost. The NMP is an economical solution for small UPS systems as it allows a UPS to be controlled over an existing network without adding a network management card and associated cost to the UPS.

With the proxy software agent installed on a PC or server system that is connected to any MGE UPS via a USB or RS232 port, users can monitor and manage the UPS remotely using a standard browser or a network management console. The NMP agent provides both XML and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) protocols and can be operated in standard secure mode or in SSL secure mode (Secure Socket Layer).

The proxy agent is able to:

-Manage communication with the UPS (as well as local protection of the machine on which the proxy agent is installed)

-Periodically access UPS information

-Make information available to connected applications such as a Web Browser, a Network Management Systems, or MGE Network Shutdown Modules to protect several servers, or MGE Enterprise Power Manager for remote supervision of an installed base of UPSs

The new NMP agent is available on MGE’s Solution-Pac Power Management Software CD, which comes standard with MGE’s UPS systems, or users can download the agent at no charge from MGE’s Web site at: