MetroBridge Networks, the largest broadband
wireless access provider in British Columbia, is to complete a reverse
take-over of Huntingdon Capital Inc., a TSX Venture Exchange-listed company in
spring 2007. Dave King, President and CEO of MetroBridge said, “It has always
been our intent to consolidate the wireless internet services industry in the
U.S. On completion of the reverse take-over of Huntingdon, MetroBridge will be
in a position to enter new cities and a publicly-traded stock will give us the
currency to execute a swift acquisition plan.”

While businesses become increasingly reliant on the internet, they also
require more broadband to run rich application suites and next generation
applications such as voice over IP, conferencing, distributed applications,
and back-up and recovery. The wireless internet services industry in North
America is highly fragmented with low availability of broadband services in
many cities. “At MetroBridge, we believe that many of the current independent
providers have a large customer base combined with unscaleable network
architecture, have less advanced processes and procedures, and lack funding to
expand their operations,” said King.

MetroBridge has identified a number of companies for potential
acquisition in the Western U.S. “We will use our proven business model with
established processes and procedures in sales, operations and customer support
combined with our reliable mesh technology backbone to offer high speed
internet services to more businesses — with superior options and better
pricing,” said King. MetroBridge can expand rapidly because its wireless
deployment model is significantly less expensive and quicker to implement than
traditional broadband over wire-line and fiber.