The Flywheel Effect had an outstanding time at the ChannelNext event in Niagara Falls and wants to thank all the MSPs that made it such a fun time.
The number one thing that drives profitable growth and helps companies pull ahead of their competition is Leadership.  Before starting any Continuous Improvement effort, be sure to enhance your Leadership skills to get the highest ROI in the fastest way possible from your people.  Simply put, we help Leaders avoid the frustrations of missing out on the results that they know are possible.
Before you start any change effort or implement any tool, such as a CRM, remember that:
A.    Technology accelerates Workflow
B.    Workflow is defined by Management
C.   Management is directed by Leadership
Leadership is the foundational element that exceptional companies are built on.  Learn how enhancing your Leadership skills will grow your business and make more profit!
How to Get Started:
1.    Learn more about The Flywheel Effect and how to enhance your Leadership skills and support Management.
2.    Use Process Benchmarking to understand your company’s Workflow relative to Best Practices to take better advantage of Technology.
3.    Now, from an informed state, use Leadership Best Practices to close performance Gaps and drive up profits!
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