It was truly a pleasure to participate and speak at the ChannelNext Kananaskis event.  We received a lot of positive feedback for the formation of Mastermind groups specific to our industry.  Many enjoyed the workshop:  Creating your elevator pitch in 6 words.  

During the Keynote, I highlighted the fact that when you are inside the jar, you can’t read the label.  Taking 2 days off and attending an event like ChannelNext let’s you step out of the jar, so to speak, but only a Mastermind Group will allow you to do that on a regular basis.  Reserve your spot for the next VAR Mastermind Group at today!

If you are unsure, join the VAR Mastermind Inner Circle Facebook Group to benefit from a growing community of likeminded VARs and MSPs that are ready to share and help you work ON your business rather than IN it.

We will shortly announce a POST-EVENT WEBINAR where you can find out more about what benefits you will get from joining a Mastermind group.  Attendees will get a copy of the Masterclass:  "The 6 Word Intro" which they can share with their team.