Dear ChannelNext Attendees and Power Advantage Resellers,

We wish to heartily thank each and everyone one of you for your spirit, energy and for sharing your valuable time with Eaton at the recent ChannelNext event in Muskoka.

We kicked things off listening and strategizing with the keynote speakers then got right into high gear with Speed Networking. What a great way to meet all of you!

We'd also like to thank those of you who actually made it to our presentation. There you heard about Eaton's complete lineup of UPSs, power management solutions, our industry "first to market" plug in software management tool for virtualized environments – Intelligent Power Manager and Eaton's ability for integrated solutions through partners such as NetAPP and EMC's converged infrastructure solutions.

We also talked about our award winning, paperless, PowerAdvantage Reseller program designed to put lots and lots of margin back into your business!

Finally, we closed the show with almost all of you stopping by the booth to speak with me and we have many follow up engagements planned in the coming weeks.

As we look forward to finishing Q2 and into Q3, it is currently prime storm season – weather wise. Great time to start talking to your customers about Power Protection and Battery Backup! Call them before they NEED to call your competitor!

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See you all soon.

Kind regards,

Pina Fiorillo,

IT Reseller Development Manager


Eaton Industries (Canada)           

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