It was great meeting all of you in the beautiful mountains of Whislter.  We appreciate you taking the time away from your families and businesses to invest in learning about the latest innovations in technology, specifically the huge steps that Datto has taken in the business continuity space.

In our presentation (thank you for sticking it out until the very end of the day), we discussed the major differences between traditional backup vs. business continuity and took a look at the most prominent disasters that occur to businesses today.  Not fires, floods, or acts of God – but human error and malicious attacks such as ransomeware. We demonstrated how easy it is to fall victim to these threats – as we simulated a cryptolocker infection to our own presentation via USB stick.  We hope you found our message not only educational, but entertaining.

We understand the cost of hardware can be challenging within the sale, so we’ve launched a special promotion, where our SIRIS Business appliances are free with a three year contract (limited time only), eliminating the up front cost to you and your customers.  We’re passionate about data protection, and we’re dedicated to continuously making strides in order to get the best in class technology installed in all of your environments.

If you’d like more information on our solution suite, presentation, etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out to

PS.  Thank you for voting for Datto, this was the very first time one vendor won all three awards: Best in Show, Best Keynote, and Best Breakout Presentation.  It means a lot to us.

Thank you,

Rob Rae 

VP of Business Development