To meet consumer
demand for higher capacity portable storage, Memorex, a portfolio brand of
Imation Corp (NYSE: IMN), brings a new look and greater capacity to its
award-winning Mega TravelDrive( USB 2.0 portable hard drive. With 12GB of
capacity in a sleek 2.6-inch design, the new Memorex Mega TravelDrive offers
high capacity at an incredible value, compared to flash-based USB storage
devices. The 12GB Memorex Mega TravelDrive features a pivoting USB connector
that easily plugs into your computer’s USB port without requiring an extra
power supply — perfect for storing photos, video, music, and other digital
files on the go.

Sporting data transfer speeds of up to 7.9MB per second, the newest Mega
TravelDrive delivers 12GB of capacity based on 1-inch hard drive technology,
making it the ultimate in pocket-sized storage. At 2.6″ long, 1.5″ wide and
only 0.5″ thick, the 12GB Mega is among the smallest portable USB hard drives
available. Consumers can carry the equivalent of three full-length
DVD-quality movies or 6,000 photos in a stylish device the size of a package
of tic tac mints.

The 12GB Mega features a sleek gun-metal finish, a cool blue LED light
that flashes during data transfer, and a pivoting USB connector that offers a
90-degree range of movement to accommodate even the most tightly situated USB
port. The device also comes with a protective, silicone sleeve.
“For business travelers, students, photographers or anyone who needs to
store large volumes of data on the go, the 12GB Mega TravelDrive delivers
three times the capacity of a comparably priced flash drive,” said Scott
Elrich, senior product manager for hard drives and optical drives, Imation
Consumer Division. “Memorex Mega TravelDrives make it easy to store and
transfer digital files with style.”

The Memorex Mega TravelDrive line also includes 6GB and 8GB models in
charcoal and black finish respectively.

Additionally, Memorex announces added capacity for its award-winning,
flash-based Mini TravelDrive( U3 The Memorex Mini TravelDrive is a U3
smart flash drive that hosts not only a user’s data and files, but also
software programs, personal preferences, passwords and settings — and the
means for managing them — all in a highly secure and stylish device.
With three U3 smart software applications and even more space to meet the
demands of today’s digital lifestyles, the tiny 4GB Memorex Mini TravelDrive
U3 can store thousands of photos and songs. Additionally, users may download
and add their favorite mobile applications onto their Mini, simply by
accessing, where name-brand software titles, games and more are