MediaBay, Inc. a leading spoken audio content, marketing and publishing company, publicly discussed today its strategy to expand the downloadable and streaming distribution of its spoken word content on the Internet.

The Company’s nationally syndicated radio program, “When Radio Was” is currently streamed more than 200,000 times each month at The Company offers for $19.95 per month the ability for subscribers to download the Company’s vast library of old-time radio programs and allows CD burning, play on two computers, transfer to portable device and unlimited free streams.

The Company has just introduced a $4.95/Month Plan that is Stream-Only. It allows subscribers to stream files from website while logged into their account, which gives consumers the ability to listen anytime they want without waiting for downloads. The Company believes that many of the streaming customers will ultimately switch to the downloadable plan as they listen to the old-time radio show content.

Ronald Celmer, MediaBay’s CEO commented, “We believe that access of our content through alternative distribution channels will be an important and growing source of revenue for us in the future. The downloading of both our old-time radio programs and ultimately our audiobook content is very important part of our strategy. The success of the I-Pod has made more people aware of the ease and convenience of downloading and as the market grows we believe we will be an important player. We have content, access to more content, the marketing knowledge to reach spoken word consumers and a database of almost 3.0 million spoken word consumers and enthusiasts.”