Media3, a leading provider of cloud and hybrid hosting services announced today that following the official launch by Microsoft, they are now fully supporting Windows Server 2012 R2 for its cloud products.

Windows Server 2012 R2, aka "Cloud OS," is Microsoft's vision for the future. Media3 has worked closely with Microsoft to create a unique cloud solution that is scalable, redundant, simple and cost effective for both SMB and large enterprises alike.

Next generation customers can expect to have a more scalable, nimble, flexible infrastructure with the most modern platform on the market today.

Media3's early beta testing and full adoption of this platform is an example of their commitment to provide the most up to date stable editions of new products as they are released.

"Coupled with our upgrade earlier this month to a new 10Gb backbone and other recent infrastructure upgrades our entire platform has taken an impressive leap forward in just the past 60 days," said Bob Caldwell, Media3 CTO, "and Q1 2014 is looking to be equally exciting with new products being launched."

Centered on System Center 2012 R2, this new platform upgrade also paves the way for Media3's upcoming Cloud210 Series of services based on Windows Azure technology.

Media3's network of worldwide resellers and partners will benefit as well with the ability to resell and bundle these next generation services.