Medela announced the launch of MyMedela, an iPhone® app that offers first-of-its-kind digital breastfeeding support for pregnant, new and experienced mothers. This 24/7 resource provides mothers with robust tracking tools, along with personalized, expert advice on nursing and pumping. It delivers proactive guidance for overcoming issues, as well as tips that can lead to a positive breastfeeding experience for mother and child. MyMedela is available immediately as a free download in the App Store.

The MyMedela app offers several unique features, all of which are included in the free download:

An exclusive, clinically developed Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment helps mom understand her strengths and focus on meeting her breastfeeding goals. Once mom takes a brief assessment, she receives personalized content based on her results – such as tips and educational information to boost self-confidence and knowledge in areas where she may need it.
A Problem Solver tool instantly connects mom with answers to common breastfeeding and pumping questions and challenges, all developed by healthcare professionals, including lactation consultants.
Personalized delivery of relevant articles and videos, based on the data mom continues to enter and where she is on her breastfeeding journey, to keep her informed when it matters most.
In addition, MyMedela includes:

Breastfeeding and pumping tracker that allows mom to track her breastfeeding and pumping sessions, plus the ability to track baby's height, weight, sleep, bottles fed and diaper changes.
MyPage personalized dashboard that highlights meaningful information and provides a snapshot of status and activity, and quick links to resources, the problem solver tool and access to shopping for breastfeeding supplies.
Personalized reminders and notifications to celebrate breastfeeding accomplishments and manage goals with helpful tips based on mom's tracked activity. Notifications and alerts are based on industry best practices and American Academy of Pediatrics breastfeeding guidelines.
Personal breastfeeding statistics that mom can use to track her efforts, as well as activity logs that can be captured and shared with her healthcare provider to assess her baby's progress.
While breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed a baby, many mothers – even seasoned ones – need assistance and encouragement to ensure the most successful experience for baby and mom. There is a significant drop-off in breastfeeding before a baby's first birthday (12 months), the recommended duration for breastfeeding according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. According to the CDC 2014 Breastfeeding Report Card, only 49 percent of mothers report breastfeeding their babies at six months.[1] Results from a survey conducted by Medela indicate that 70 percent of mothers do not meet their breastfeeding goals. New mothers who are worried about their breastfeeding success are more likely to give up.[2]

"MyMedela is designed to address each mother's unique needs. It helps her prepare for breastfeeding, and encourages her through critical, typical drop-out stages," said Cindy-Lee Dennis, Ph.D., Professor at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Canada Research Chair in Perinatal Community Health and member of the MyMedela development team. "The app uses data from mom about her breastfeeding goals, pump choice, lifestyle, and feeding plan, plus other ongoing inputs, to track breastfeeding routines and milestones. It reassures and congratulates her when things are going well and provides tailored tips when mom is having challenges in meeting her breastfeeding goals."