McAfee, Inc. announced McAfee Total Protection for Data, a comprehensive solution delivering complete protection, full visibility and control of confidential data anytime and anywhere. With unmatched scalability and centralized management, the new solution includes endpoint encryption, device control, and host data loss prevention (DLP).

McAfee Total Protection for Data was created in response to the growing number of regulations placed on enterprises that require them to ensure customer privacy and data confidentiality. McAfee protects data regardless of how the data is used, stored, accessed or located. Customers receive comprehensive monitoring and protection of all communication channels including corporate E-mail, personal E-mail, instant messaging, file transfer, P2P file sharing, Web mail and other applications. The inclusion of end-point encryption protects businesses if a computer is ever lost or stolen.

“Now enterprises can ensure that sensitive data can not be used by those that are not authorized to see the data,” said Vimal Solanki, vice president, solution and competitive marketing at McAfee. “The new solution is the first offering to truly protect businesses from the ramifications of data loss.”

Completely Integrated Endpoint Protection
Through integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, Total Protection for Data offers completely integrated end-to-end endpoint protection. Customers can leverage their existing agent and management console for easy deployment, management and reporting. The solution is customized to meet customers’ current needs and scales to meet future needs. Centralized policy management and enforcement keeps control of data security where it belongs — in the hands of security experts.

McAfee data encryption ensures Safe Harbor protection by protecting enterprises from the risks of public disclosure, financial loss, brand damage, competitive disadvantage, lost customers and non-compliance. In addition, detailed auditing and logging along with a rich set of policy and reporting templates helps companies meet and comply with the toughest regulations.

McAfee Total Protection for Data features:

— Centralized policy management and enforcement
— Strong encryption for laptops, desktops and devices
— Prevention of unauthorized access to data
— Renders data useless in the event of loss or theft
— Prevents accidental exposure of sensitive data
— Prevents data loss without disrupting legitimate business activities
— Enforces use of only authorized devices
— Regulates what types of data can be transferred to external devices
— Continuous monitoring of user behavior
— Auditing and reporting capabilities to provide total visibility
— Enforcement of regulatory and internal policy requirements