The official music video, Mashline Girl – “I’ve Got a Crush on
Harper is set to rocket skyward with all the added inertia of the
controversial song! The premiere mega hit has quickly blasted into a Canadian
and International, Internet and traditional media phenomenon! The video is now
available for download on

Mirroring the fact that is pioneering the “mashing” of
social and traditional news, the song has jumped from viral internet parody of
a parody, to being featured on,, CNBC, The Economist,
AOL Money and Finance, Canoe Money, CTV National News, The Washington Post,
The National Post and much, much more, in less than one short week.

In that one tiny week, this premiere of the mega hit gave Canadians an
unexpected taste of how social media can impact the way Canadians view current
affairs and politics. “This is one of many viral marketing tools conceived to
promote our new website,” said’s founder Jean-Claude Trottier. “I
cherish the concept of free enterprise in Canada and if people flock to our
site as a result of a strategic marketing plan that capitalizes on a popular
current topic, power to me. I am proud to promote our Canadian talent and look
forward to sharing with the public more of our unique products.”

Espousing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s virtues like never before, the
parody song is an authorized Canadian version of the mega hit Obama Girl –
“I’ve Got a Crush on Obama”, which has been viewed over 100 million times
world wide. Our sincerest thanks go to’s founder Ben
Relles for giving our project the green light. Since the song hit the
airwaves,’s servers and staff have been inundated by internet
surfers and Canadian and International media. Furthermore, the social networks
are abuzz with copycats, blogging and chatter.

We are the coolest news portal in the world, pioneering the “mashing” of
traditional and social media. Why limit yourself to watching a single TV news
station or reading a single newspaper, magazine or blog when you can have them
all? Having the different points of view of all these sources, in the same
place, lets you make your own informed opinion on the content matter.
Stay tuned for more viral content unveiling!