Marketron International announced that it will provide free recovery services to Radio and Television stations that have been hit by Hurricane Katrina. Marketron’s Project Recovery will help stations get their Sales, Traffic and Billing operations functional during this emergency and provide hosting services while stations rebuild.

“People rely on radio and television during a crisis, and broadcasters are well known for pulling out all stops to help their local communities in times of need. Marketron wants to do its part to help our Radio and TV colleagues in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama get back up and running as soon as possible,” said Mike Jackson, CEO of Marketron International. “Marketron’s hosting platform enables us to provide stations with a working Sales and Traffic system very quickly.”

Marketron’s Project Recovery will leverage the Marketron hosted sales and traffic software to enable stations affected by Hurricane Katrina to establish remote operations. Station personnel will be able to work from any computer with an Internet connection. More than 40 broadcast groups and 5,000 individual subscribers rely on Marketron’s hosting platform today.

Stations interested in Marketron’s Project Recovery are encouraged to call 208.788.6808.