Manawa Networks, a leading full-service IT consulting firm dedicated to making customers happier by taking away their IT worry, announced a new onboarding mentor program for new recruits. Most organizations today face tremendous pressure to create a dynamic talent community of people who really care about each other and their customers. Many new recruits often feel overwhelmed by the learning curve, getting comfortable with the team and the challenge of delivering impeccable IT support and service to customers.

For this reason, Manawa Networks developed a new onboarding mentor program, where each new recruit is assigned to a senior mentor. The mentor has the IT experience, a willingness to share and advise, is capable of engaging and transferring knowledge and provides guidance that can directly enhance the performance and career development of a new recruit. According to Carmine Tiano, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer for Manawa Networks, “Most IT professionals recruits have the technical knowledge locked down but lack in other areas. The mentor program accelerates the path to becoming an outstanding, well-rounded IT consultant allowing them to build fantastic long-term relationships one customer at a time.”

Five Key benefits associated with a corporate onboarding mentor program include the following:

Ensures that new recruits, whether new to the organization or to a specific knowledge base, know immediately where they can turn when they have a question.

Ensures continuity in the manner in which customers continue to receive exceptional support and service. Experienced mentors can shed light on the why, when and how things are done in a certain way for a specific customer during the job-shadow period.

Ensures stronger communication and relationships are built amongst team members encouraging knowledge sharing, camaraderie and faster problem solving.

Ensures open communication about how to be successful consulting and engaging on client projects by assessing strengths and weaknesses with a fellow team member.

Ensures that each team member has ongoing support, allowing for more effective ways to collaborate and make decisions for the customer in addition to leveraging the strengths of each team with specific experience and expertise.