AboutOne (http://www.AcornPoints.com), the free online organizer that makes it fast, fun, and easy to preserve family memories and manage household information, announced that the company closed $1.6 million in Series A financing in a round led by Golden Seeds, a network of angel investors dedicated to investing in early stage companies founded and led by women.

“AboutOne’s patent pending product is the most efficient way to organize your life,” said Mindy Posoff, who will be representing Golden Seeds on AboutOne’s board. “Joanne Lang, the CEO, is a visionary. The goal of zero entry makes this very compelling to users,” added Mary McCaffrey, who acted as Co-Lead. Golden Seeds’ investment was made through members of its Angel Forum and through Golden Seeds Fund 2 LP.

In parallel to closing its second round of funding, AboutOne recently forged partnerships with Microsoft and Suze Orman (IDSafe). AboutOne has leveraged these three events to launch a new version of AboutOne based on feedback from the company’s current customers and focused on rewarding users for being organized.

This latest round of funding will be used to develop AboutOne’s marketing campaigns and expand its engineering staff in order to accelerate product upgrades scheduled for the next six months. At the CES MommyTECH Summit in January, AboutOne will launch the beta release of its new AcornPoints (http://www.AcornPoints.com) rewards program, one of many enhancements to its calendar and contacts-based family management system.

In November, AboutOne was featured in Microsoft’s documentary, CTRL+ALT+COMPETE, which premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival. The film follows AboutOne founder and CEO Joanne Lang as she faces the challenges of making her vision for AboutOne a reality. According to the film’s Executive Producer Daryll McDade, “The tangible value that startup founders like Lang deliver is reshaping the way people live their lives every day.”

This is particularly true of Lang. “AboutOne was created from my direct experiences as a mother of four children,” said Lang. A former SAP Labs executive specializing in cloud technology, Lang developed AboutOne after one of her sons had a medical emergency. She was away from home, with only her keys and phone, and unable to provide a list of his medications to the paramedics. She’d seen how cloud computing helps businesses gain new levels of efficiency and wanted to use her technical training and personal experiences to develop technology that simplifies a mom’s life.