PaymentOne enables digital service and content providers like Acclaim to better serve, reach and monetize more consumers. PaymentOne’s PhoneBill solution allow over 180 million consumers to easily have digital charges put onto to their existing broadband and landline accounts. These “no credit card required” options eliminate the need and significant hurdle for the consumer to provide sensitive private credit card information.

“Consumers continue to demand both safety and convenience,” said Howard Marks, CEO of Acclaim Games. “We have already seen from online gamers in Asia, for example, that these ‘non credit card’ payment options, such as PhoneBill, are by far the most often selected option. Given our focus in online games, providing our consumers a safe and convenient set of payment options is critical. By doing so, we can better serve a wider and diverse set of gamers.”

In a recent survey conducted by Javelin Research, 78 percent of consumers said they would “be more inclined to purchase online if given a safer, more convenient payment method than credit card.” The numbers among younger consumers aged 18-34 were even higher, with over 81 percent indicating they would buy more. Over 90% of consumers remain highly concerned about making purchases (with credit cards) online according to the most recent UCLA Internet Report.

“With the heightened focus on broadband and convergence, our network operator partners recognize the strategic value of content and digital services,” said Brad Singer, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at PaymentOne. “As online and mobile content services overall, and gaming specifically, is exploding into a multi-billion-dollar market, we are seeing tremendous demand from these new services. We are pleased to be working with Acclaim Games, a proven leader and visionary in the games market.”

PaymentOne has generated over $2 billion of incremental revenue for digital merchants.