Magicweb, Inc., inventor of BOIP (broadcasting over internet protocol) technology, announced today that it is in the process of expansion and is looking to open offices with focus on R & D in either Quebec or Ontario.

It is inviting interested parties to discuss locations, grants and other incentives in order to bring Magicweb to the right location.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Herbert L. Becker, on a visit to Montreal, told company officials that the business climate in Montreal looked quite favorable.

There is also the possibility of acquisitions in several key markets. Magicweb stock has been trading at a high of $2.00 putting them in a very favorable position to add to their business plan. MGWB stock opened at .20 just over a month ago and has risen quickly to its present level.

Mr. Becker said the acquisitions would help the company foray into new areas in the telecommunications and IPTV space. It would provide access to new geographies and clients.

“The company has quickly established itself as the leader in BOIP with IPTV delivery,” he said.