Businesses need to know exactly who their customers are, what actions
they are taking and what motivates them. Pattern Seeker can identify
individual and group behaviour and enable customers to be profiled, while also
spotting trends over time. Marketing campaigns can be focused according to
this understanding, bringing enhanced business performance and customer
loyalty. Pattern Seeker provides Marketing Executives with an easy-to-use
software tool which gives innovative and alternative new insights to enhance
those provided by traditional technology.

Pattern Seeker(
helps data intensive businesses to discover value and knowledge previously
hidden within databases. It may also be applied to identifying patterns and
trends in real-time data streams such as online purchases. Working in
real-time on such live transactions, Pattern Seeker opens up the possibility
of individually targeted real-time promotions.

Unlike traditional software available on the market, Magenta’s solution
automatically analyses data on the basis of similarities found in it – with no
need to predetermine the structure of results. For example, marketeers have no
need to pre-determine market segments before commencing data analysis, do not
need to be specialists in statistics and are not required to perform arduous
preliminary data preparation.

Magenta’s Pattern Seeker has the capability to find non-trivial patterns
in data. It can identify subtle and unexpected irregularities in company’s
business data records – those that are difficult or even impossible to track
by other means or tools. It finds patterns and exceptions to those patterns.
Such exceptions may be used to spot market opportunities, or changes in a
person’s spending patterns. Interestingly identifying such changes in
behaviour may be used as a selling opportunity and also to reduce the
possibility of fraud.

Magenta Technology is bringing to the market an innovative means of
creating new value from existing business data – boosting sales, generating
more prospects and revealing more opportunities for cross-selling and
up-sales. This all helps to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

“As a company, we are dedicated to helping our customers differentiate
themselves from their competition through the application of advanced
technology.” said Nadia Yakounina, Magenta Technology’s Director of Marketing.
“Pattern Seeker is an excellent demonstration of how we are realising this
goal by enabling our customers to find exciting new opportunities for their