MacSpeech, Inc. began conducting live hands-on
technology demonstrations of the upcoming “via Dictate” iPhone
extension app to MacSpeech Dictate. The sneak peak
demonstrations are exclusively for attendees at Macworld
Conference and Expo 2010.

The via Dictate app allows the iPhone to be used as a remote
extension of MacSpeech Dictate, when MacSpeech Dictate is
running on a Macintosh. The via Dictate app is intended for
distribution at no additional cost, plus requires Mac OS X 10.6
Snow Leopard and a launched MacSpeech Dictate running on a
machine accessible by via Dictate.

MacSpeech Dictate is the only desktop speech recognition
solution for the Macintosh. MacSpeech Dictate provides
unprecedented speech recognition accuracy with minimal training
and works with existing Mac applications. MacSpeech Dictate
delivers a true Mac user experience, and conforms to behaviors
already familiar to Macintosh users worldwide. Beyond dictation,
MacSpeech Dictate lets people perform basic navigation of their
Mac and control it with their voice to launch applications, open
new windows, execute menu commands, etc.