He has listed a whole range of problems, all of which Apple has copped to in official documentation.

First, the MacBook Air might have trouble with early 801.11n routers. The “n” specifications are still in draft, so although most routers work fine with most computers, the Air’s new implementation might see interference from devices using the 2.4GHz range of the spectrum. You’ll need to switch it up to 5GHz or, says Apple, buy a new router.

Jerky video from the built in iSight camera is also a possibility (fix: update to the latest version of Quicktime, 7.4), as is slowdown: Things get hot inside that tiny case, and the MacBook Air might shut down one of its CPUs to keep things cool. Last is the headphone jack. Like the iPhone, the jack on the Air is slightly recessed so some jack plugs just won’t fit.

The ultra-portability is starting to look a little jaded. To use the Air properly, you’re going to need to carry a few accessories: A USB hub, your restore disc, a USB ethernet adapter, a headphone adapter and possibly even an Airport Express. Don’t throw away that bulky laptop bag just yet.