Logitech today announced at CeBIT that it will soon be more affordable than ever for consumers to experience the simplicity, freedom, comfort and style of Logitech’s cordless peripherals. To help liberate price-conscious consumers from the clutter of cords on their desktop, Logitech unveiled the Logitech® Cordless Desktop® Express™ and the Logitech® Cordless Optical Mouse, which are now shipping in the U.S. and Europe and will be available on shelves over the next month.

Cordless Desktop Express, a cordless keyboard/mouse combination, will carry a suggested retail price of $49.95 in the United States. Cordless Optical Mouse, which features cordless optical technology pioneered by Logitech, will have a suggested retail price of $29.95 in the United States. Both products, also available in Japan and Asia later this spring, include a 5-year limited warranty.

At the core of each product is Logitech’s reliable and easy-to-use wireless technology, which has continued to advance since Logitech introduced the first radio-based cordless mouse in 1991. Now it’s less expensive than ever to experience complete computing flexibility. Computer users – now freed from cord-length limitations – can lean back, relax and type from up to 6 feet away.

Logitech has sold more than 45 million cordless devices worldwide since 1991. However, market-research firm IDC estimates that of the nearly 255 million PCs installed in homes worldwide in 2003, only 8 percent had a cordless mouse or keyboard. With these new cordless mice and keyboards, Logitech anticipates that many more PC users will now be able to make the shift to cordless.

“Cordless mice and keyboards are a growing segment. Addressing new price points provides a significant opportunity for Logitech and other manufacturers,” said Crawford Del Prete, senior vice president, IDC Hardware Research. “Price points have been a barrier for consumers on this class of product, but as they drop we expect momentum to build in the cordless peripheral market.”

“Until recently, the ‘early adopters’ have been the primary purchasers of our cordless devices, but that has definitely started to change,” said David Henry, Logitech’s senior vice president, Control Devices. “There is a vast, untapped market of consumers who understand the benefits of cordless mice and keyboards – an uncluttered desktop and the freedom to use their computer how they want. But they’ve been waiting for the technology to mature, and for the prices to come down. We believe that with these aggressive prices, our 5-year limited warranty, and consumers’ confidence in the Logitech brand, that time is now.”

Logitech Cordless Desktop Express

A combination cordless optical mouse and cordless keyboard, Cordless Desktop Express allows users to reinvent their desktop setup on the fly, without any limitations or clutter imposed by cords. For maximum efficiency, the keyboard includes Web, e-mail, and calculator launch keys, media control buttons, and a built-in groove to hold a pen or pencil. It’s designed to be flat, for optimal comfort, and to be spill-resistant. Cordless Desktop Express is offered in a mainstream white color with a fresh blue accent.

Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse

The Cordless Optical Mouse helps eliminate any potential coffee cup spills or tangles on the desktop stemming from a mouse cord. And with optical technology, there’s no more ball, nor the dust and dirt that inevitably leads to mouse gridlock. Logitech will offer four models with varying combinations of black, white and silver to match different PC color schemes. Cordless Optical Mouse includes two buttons and a scroll wheel for faster navigation of Web pages or complex documents. It is simple and quick to set up, and offers reliable performance. Cordless Optical Mouse is shaped for use with either the left or the right hand.