Linea announced that the public beta of its iPad app is available for download in the iTunes App Store. Powered by a groundbreaking, patent pending algorithmic approach, Linea turns an abundance of pictures into MosaicView Photo Lines based on image composition, size selection, color array and central point of focus. Linea works like a professional graphic designer that creates a tailored viewing experience by organizing images into dynamically unfolding stories, fundamentally transforming the way users view and share photos.

Linea provides a simple solution for dealing with the daily deluge of images from mobile, social, digital and traditional photography. In contrast to the conventional slideshow format that displays photos one at a time, Linea instantly and effortlessly transforms groups of individual images into professionally arranged Photo Lines, where each new Line of photos tells a different personal story. No longer do users have to be overwhelmed by their growing collection of images. Each Photo Line is stored securely in the cloud and can be privately shared with family and friends.

“Everyone has a ton of photos, but preserving the memories that come along with them can be difficult and time-consuming,” said Rowland Hobbs, interim chief executive officer of Linea and managing partner of Post+Beam, the creators of Linea. “While there are plenty of apps available that help store and share photos, we set out to change the way people actually experience them by moving away from the traditional and tedious slideshow format.”

Linea empowers users to view and add photos anywhere via iPhone, iPad, web or desktop and share with how many or how few they choose. Simple and fast editing tools take the time and hassle out of design and layout, making printing a PhotoBook faster than any other album maker. Pull your pictures from Facebook, but keep all the safety and security of your own storage by deciding who can view and add to your story.