LINE Corporation announced that the total download figure for LINE’s official camera app, LINE camera, exceeded 30M today.

This easy-to-use camera app allows users to edit and decorate photos taken with or saved on their smartphones, then share their finished creations with their LINE friends and groups, as well as other users across a range of SNS services.

On April 2, LINE’s Stamp Shop was opened globally, enabling users to purchase stamps featuring Disney characters, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and other popular characters in addition to the LINE characters. The app became the top grossing app in the Camera category of Google play in 45 countries, including Japan, Thailand, India, Belgium, Finland, South Africa, Kenya, and many more. It achieved the same at the App stores in 12 countries, including Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. From this, it can be seen that LINE camera is well received by users all around the world.

Even after this, LINE camera continued to improve, adding new editing features much to the delight of its users. The app has continued to grow in popularity and has exceeded the 30M downloads mark.

LINE Corporation has stated that it will provide more integrated services and contents including those for LINE camera to stimulate communication between its users.