Canada, the world’s second largest country and number one “foreign” destination for Americans, is tired of hearing that it’s too nice, too pretty, too pristine and too safe, let alone too similar to the U.S.A. Yes, she is home to the Mounties, moose and maple syrup, but when you get to know her, Canada also has an urban edge and wild side that is the envy of destinations around the world.

Canada’s new personality and make-over focuses on personalized exploration, sophisticated adventures and true intriguing experiences on the wild side, both urban and outdoors. The campaign encourages travelers to “Keep Exploring” and to define Canada on their terms.

Swim with Beluga whales in Manitoba; take your spa treatment to new heights by catching a helicopter ride to a five-star outpost; savor nature on Vancouver Island while sipping 40-year-old brandy in a luxury tent; go “nose to nose” with a polar bear to find out if they really have fish breath; take a ride up the Yukon River with Canada’s original explorers, the indigenous First Nations; or take a private yacht to heli-ski on slopes where lift lines don’t exist. Of course there is always mining for conflict-free diamonds under the aurora borealis, digging for dinosaur bones and the giddy-up of North America’s largest rodeo in Calgary, the hot and wild clubs of Montreal and culinary delights of Quebec.

The new campaign is progressive, vibrant and while it focuses on the natural landscape as a canvas for vacationers to explore, it introduces the destination as a hands-on experience that can be personalized based on how people live, work and play in today’s high-stressed world.