Smaller, lighter and 
longer. These are requirements for tracking devices of today. What 
sound like contradiction can be explained easily: Smaller dimensions, 
lower weight and longer battery running time. 

For such requirements Round Solutions offers the ORG4472 GPS 
module based on the brand new SiRF IV chipset. Available is a fully 
automotive and industrial compliant module – with only 7 x 7x 1.4 mm 
the smallest GPS module of the world. 

"This new SiRFstar IV chipset of the module provides higher sensitivity 
and consumes less power than previous GPS systems", explains Olaf 
Schaefer, Technical Director at Round Solutions. "This extends battery 
life especially for small handhold devices because now passive GPS 
antennas can be used without losing performance", he says. 

The ORG4472 is mounted by SMT (Surface Mount Technology). 
There are no cost s for RF connectors or cable and no manual work is 
need in production. Its integrated interface for accelerometers, 
gyrometers or other sensors makes "Dead Reckoning" easy. Using 
"Dead Reckoning" tracking can be continued even without sight to 
satellites, for example in tunnels. 
Free access to the test server and facilitates the use of geodata. 

"With th ese servers working proof of concepts can be realised within 
days", explains Schaefer with reference to features of public-domain 
software such as OpenStreetMaps and Openlayers.