LearnBIG announced today the launch of LearnBIG.com, a new site that will change the way learners of all ages will easily access thousands of online educational resources in one central location. LearnBIG joins together technology and community to improve educational access regardless of income, age or geographic location.

While a large and growing number of digital educational resources are available, many of which are free, linking to the course or tool that is right for the learner has been a huge hurdle in accessing these eLearning resources. LearnBIG allows an easy way to search and filter content by subject, level, platform and popularity available for Pre-K, K-12, college and lifelong learners. And because the site is community-reviewed by parents, teachers and learners, users can easily find education resources that match their learning style.

"eLearning is transforming education but finding the best available content has proven to be very challenging," said Victor Alhadeff, CEO of LearnBIG and former Egghead Software CEO. "LearnBIG's breadth, depth, organization and user experience creates a dramatically different environment for people to not only find specific content, but also have the power of choice to find exactly what they need. The potential for significant social change by bringing access to the best in education to all people is profound."

LearnBIG will feature a large online community of parents, students and teachers who share their experiences about each resource. Each LearnBIG user can review and create collections based on their specific learning needs. This will allow the most popular resources on the site to rise to the surface so other users can easily access them.

Anyone, including parents getting ready for their kids going back to school, can now easily locate online education tools from a variety of media whether it's a game on an iPad, an app on their phone or an instructional video. This allows parents to access community-reviewed resources to help their children get the skills they need. Equally powerful is the opportunity to find tools others of the same age group, learning style and grade are using.

A core feature is LearnBIG's Career Paths, which are ideal for high school and college students or career changers to help guide them towards achieving their goals. This provides a set of skills that anyone can discover and provides a roadmap to become proficient in a selected area of expertise.

LearnBIG is also a tool for teachers, who will now be able to easily provide their students with enrichment materials for after-school learning to help students gain and solidify skills. Resources can be sorted by Common Core State Standards to ensure the resources teachers are utilizing for students matches what they are learning in class.