RapidFire Tools IT and Compliance Assessment Tools are designed with the sole purpose in mind of helping make “IT Assessments Fast and Easy.”

RapidFire Tools is the home of the Network Detective suite of software.  All of our software is designed to help MSP’s do three things, which is obtain new accounts, find new opportunities in current accounts and provide ongoing guidance to their clients while keeping their competition out.

How does this happen?  Our tools have been designed to be fast and easy to use, non-invasive and provide a guide for the MSP to follow in order to share identified risks with their prospects and clients, create an effective remediation plan and provide all the documentation needed in order to support their plan of action.

When you call or email to a prospective client, what do you talk about?  What is the purpose for the call?  How about calling and offering to do an assessment of their network infrastructure?  Maybe look to see if they are HIPAA compliant? What about if their infrastructure is secure?

You see in order for you to gain the attention of these decision makers, you need to offer something that they perceive as valuable. How much is a full assessment of their environment worth?  $250? $500?  You are going to do this for a discount or even FREE.  Now, hang in there, I have not lost my mind.  The key to this is that you are going to get something in return. You will request buy in from senior management that if you come in and do this for them, that they will sit with you for 20-30 minutes and review the results.  No sit down, no assessment.  How many people are not curious about what is going on in their environment or doing a “spot” check on their current vendor for FREE?

Here is your closing line…let them know that what you are doing is worth $250-$500 in engineering time.  Only two outcomes can happen from this assessment, either there is information that they MUST be made aware of because it is critical to their infrastructure and IT security, or you are going to prove to them at your cost that their current partner is doing everything they say they are perfectly.  How do they not win? If you do it right, how do YOU not win?

So you run the simple to use data collector to do non-invasive scan (remember you are not loading or adding ANYTHING on their network unlike other tools) and once done, you head back to your place and download the scans and produce the reports. You or an engineer will review the client risk report and following the easy to follow management plan (better known as the remediation plan) you will create three remediation proposals.  One for the high risk items, one for the medium risk and one for the low risk.

Did I mention that the reports are all customizable with your logo, multiple color schemes and your choice of hundreds of pictures?

Now what?  You take that set of reports to Kinko’s, Office Max, Staples, etc. and have it bound with the exception of the Client Risk Report.  Now following the Client Risk Report everywhere, it identifies an issue, you will find the supporting documentation in the bound book and put a little yellow sticky note identifying that issue.

Now is the fun part!  You show up for the appointment with the CEO and other invitees and lay this large bound report right near them but out of reach.  You start to review the client risk report with them making sure to state the risk, state why this is a risk, state how you would address the risk and address the implications of ignoring the risk.  Each time make sure to open the bound report to ONLY the supporting information page for that risk. Show them the information, however do NOT let them touch the book.  They are going to want to know how you could possibly know so much about their environment in such a short period of time, as well as why their current provider has not done this. DO NOT leave the book with them or let them touch it or hold it unless they pay you for it.

Once you have completed running through the risk assessment, now it is time to ask some questions.

You can ask things like “Did you know…….” or “What did you think about…” or “How would you normally address something like….”

Now that you have their attention, proved that you know their environment and proved that you have found things their current provider did not, now you are ready for the close!

ASK for an opportunity to earn their business.  I suggest pulling out the high risk proposal first and reviewing it and working down if need be to get your first opportunity in the new account.

When they say yes to trying you and your services out, you are already ready to quickly onboard them and go to work.  It is as simple as that!

Do you want to know more about how RapidFire Tools can help your organization find new opportunities and keep your competition out?  Please come visit with me at ChannelNext in Montreal, Ontario, BC and Alberta.  You can also call 678-323-1319 or email sales@rapidfiretools.com.