ON.com, the people discovery engine that uses geo-location technology to connect people through their photos, announced today that it has surpassed one million users. Launched a year ago, the rapidly growing platform has seen an uptick in user engagement since the emergence of the selfie stick. The company, which also launched their own version of the selfie stick over the past year, called the The Belfie Stick, saw its numbers nearly double in the second half of 2014 and forecasts similar growth through 2015. 

User growth per quarter:

  • End of Q1 2014: 477,236 
  • End of Q2 2014: 639,827 
  • End of Q3 2014: 796,895 
  • End of Q4 2014: 918,097

"With access to over a million profiles, joining ON gives individuals the tools to meet and interact with new people across the globe with fewer limitations than ever before," says ON.com's CTO, Kevin Deegan. "Now, with the advent of the selfie stick and more people adapting to selfie culture, ON is leading the charge in social networking for the selfie generation. Due largely to our users' affection for these types of photos particularly, we have been able to predict and report selfie trends across social media." 

ON.com is a way to connect with new and interesting people nearby or when visiting a new city. Available worldwide using the platform's mobile app and web platform capabilities, users can update profiles with new pictures, trends and share ON.com experiences on other social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. With a strong following in the 18-24 age range, ON.com is social discovery at its finest, leveraging its visual platform that cuts through the clutter and instantly connects people through photos. 

Launched in early 2014, ON.com found its niche within the selfie culture, generating more than 3 million user selfies by October. In one of its recent studies, the platform leveraged its user-generated content to identify selfie trends based on 'likes,' such as:

  • All photos with men in them average 9 likes 
  • All photos with women in them average 52 likes 
  • All photos with no people in them average 10 likes 
  • Images posted on Wednesday's between 4 – 6pm local time receive the highest volume of likes 
  • The highest percent of selfies come from users in the Medical and Legal field 
  • America's east coast out-selfies the west coast 2:1 
  • We're a narcissistic generation, but selfies are now becoming a standard social media post